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Multi coloured Mini Resistance Bands

Multi coloured Mini Resistance Bands

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A full set of Multi coloured Mini resistance bands for both training and rehabilitation exercises, designed for use both at home and in the gym.

The pack contains:

  • Mini Resistance Bands Set.
  • 5 colour-coded strength bands for strength-and-conditioning work or when returning from an injury
  • Green: Extra light resistance
  • Blue: light resistance
  • Yellow: medium resistance
  • Red: strong resistance
  • Black: Extra-strong resistance


  • Material: High-quality durable latex
  • Ideal for holidays

The bands are particularly beneficial for treatment and prevention of hamstring and thigh-muscle injuries.

Note: These bands can break down over time due to normal wear and tear from use. It is important to inspect the bands frequently to ensure they are in safe operating condition.

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