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Fitness For Home

Fitness For Home Cardio Stretch Set

Fitness For Home Cardio Stretch Set

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 The Cardio Stretch Set includes the Mini Resistance Bands set, The Skipping Rope, and the Fitness For Home Yoga Mat. 

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The Mini Bands Set

A full set of Multi coloured Mini resistance bands for both training and rehabilitation exercises, designed for use both at home and in the gym.

The Skipping Rope

The Fitness For Home Skipping Rope - Speed Rope is engineered with knurled, aluminium handles, each with multiple ball bearings that allows for a smooth and fast feel.

The Yoga Mat

The Fitness For Home Yoga Mat is a closed-cell foam mat with a non-slip surface. The mat provides comfort and protection for yoga poses, pilates exercises, HIIT, and various stretching routines.

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